Emergency - Government

The Governmental section contains contact information for various departments within the federal, state, and local governments.



hawser Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms 907.271.5701
hawser U.S. Customs 907.248.3373
hawser Drug Enforcement Agency 907.271.5033
hawser Federal Bureau of Investigation 907.276.4441
hawser Immigration and Naturalization Service 907.271.3104
hawser U.S. Marshals 907.586.7455
hawser NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service 907.586.7163
hawser Tsunami Warning Center 907.745.4212

Federal Services

hawser Federal Aviation Administration 907.271.3430
hawser National Forest service 907.586.8806
hawser NOAA 907.271.3593
hawser NOAA HAZMAT 24 HOUR 206.526.4911
hawser National Park Service 907-257.2696
hawser National Transportation Safety Board 907.266.5106
hawser National Weather Service 907.266.5105





hawser Alaska Division of Emergency Services 
hawser Alaska State Trooper
hawser Alaska Department of Fish and Game
hawser Alaska State Troopers Fish and Wildlife

State Services

hawser Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation 907.465.5340
hawser Alaska Department of Natural Resources 907.465.2400
hawser Alaska Marine Highway System 907.465.8827



hawser Fire Departments
hawser Police Departments
hawser State Troopers
hawser Village Public Safety Officers
hawser Hospitals
hawser Clinics
hawser Harbormasters
hawser Forest Service
hawser Fish & Game
hawser Fish & Wildlife