Oil Spill Emergency Response and Cleanup

The Marine Exchange environmental response section provides links for responding to spills. Links are provided for both the State of Alaska and the National Response Center. Visit the National Response Center to use the on-line spill reporting forms that will provide the NRC with the information it needs to respond to a spill. You'll also find detailed information about the National Response System and the different organizations involved.

State of Alaska

Department of Environmental Conservation

Notification Requirements

Spill Reporting Form (PDF)

National Response Center

National Response Center Web Site

Oil Spill Response Organizations

Alyeska Pipeline Services (SERVS)
P.O. Box 109
Valdez, Alaska
Phone: (907) 834 6902
Fax: (907) 834 6944
e mail: alyeskamail@alyeska-pipeline.com

Alaska Chadux Corporation
2347 Azurite Court
Anchorage, Alaska
Phone: (907) 348 2365
Fax: (907) 348 2330
e mail: info@chadux.com

Southeast Alaska Petroleum Resource Organization (SEAPRO)
540 Water Street, Suite 201
Ketchikan, Alaska
Phone: (907) 225 7002

Cook Inlet Spill Response, Inc. (CISPRI)
Box 7314 Mile 26 N. Spur
Nikiski, Alaska
Phone: (907) 776 5129

Commercial Oil Spill Clean-up & Response

Alaska Chadux Corp
721 W 1st Ave
Phone 907-278-3365

Alaska Pollution Control Inc
8040 Hartzell Rd
Phone 907-344-5036

Peak Oilfield Service Co
2525 C St
Phone 907-263-7000

PENCO - American Marine Services Group
6000 "A" Street
Phone 907-562-5420
Fax 907.562.5426
e-mail thomas@amarinecorp.com

Auke Bay Landing Craft & Excavation
P.O. Box 210562
Phone 907.790.4591
Fax 907.790.4591
e-mail peterb@gci.net

Crowley Marine Services, Inc.
2525 C Street
Phone 907.278.4978
Fax 907.257.2828
e-mail cms.westcoast@crowley.com

Foss Maritime Company
660 W. Ewing Steet
Phone 206.281.3880
Fax 206.281.4702
e-mail dmc@foss.com

Marine Response Alliance LLC
P.O. Box 2287
Phone 206.332.8076
Fax 206.332.8376
e-mail mrallc@crowley.com