Board of Marine Exchange of Alaska


The Board of The Marine Exchange of Alaska is responsible for providing advice to the Executive Director of the Marine Exchange on the conduct of the operations of the Marine Exchange. The board of directors meets annually in the fall and reviews the finances, operations and new initiatives proposed by the Executive Director.


Paul Fuhs
Captain Ed Page
Executive Director

Captain Mike O'Hara
Southwest Alaska Pilots' Association
Captain Greg Pavellas
Crowley Marine Services
Captain Carl Uchytil
Port Director
Port of Juneau/AAHPA
Captain Hans Antonsen
Southeast Alaska Pilots’ Association
Captain Bill Gillespie
Alaska Marine Pilots, LLC
Don Reid
Vice President of Operations
Alaska Marine Lines
Senator Drue Pearce
Crowell and Moring
Captain Jim McManus
Royal Viking, Inc.
Mike Meadors
Alaska Tanker Company
Captain Lawson Brigham
University of Alaska

Peter Froelich
Member at Large