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Coast Guard Sector Juneau Industry Day . . . April 23, 2013

Coast Guard Sector Juneau held an Industry Day at the Coast Guard Station Juneau Buoy Deck on April 19, 2013. The purpose of the event was to share information concerning vessel inspections with the small passenger vessel industry owners and operators. An enforcement officer from NOAA’s Marine Mammal Enforcement Division was present as well to provide information about safely operating sight seeing vessels in the vicinity of marine mammals. The event was quite successful and well attended by owners and operators of small passenger vessels from the Juneau area. Numerous helpful hand-outs were provided during the event and a number of them are provided at the links below.

Vessel  Inspection Process Walk Through
Small Passenger Vessel  Inspection Brochure
Top Ten Small Passenger Vessel Inspection Deficiencies
A Marine Casualty Reporting Guide and Brochure
Marine Employer’s Drug Testing Guide


USCG Revises Accident Report Forms . . . Apr 11, 2013

The Coast Guard published a new version of the CG 2692 Marine Casualty Report Form and also a new version of the Report of Chemical, Drug and Alcohol Testing After a Marine Casualty. The CG2692 has been radically revised from the older version that has been in use for many years. Both forms come with instructions for their use ands are available below.

Report of Marine Casualty CG 2692

Report of Chemical Drug and Alcohol Testing

Coast Guard Publishes Ballast Water Management Frequently Asked Questions . . . Apr 5, 2013

See related story on Final Rule for Ballast water Management Dated March 23, 2012


EPA Vessel General Permit for 2013 Issued . . . Apr 4, 2013

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a final version of a rewritten Vessel General Permit for incidental discharges from marine vessels. The new permit takes effect after the first one from 2008 expires on December 19, 2013. Non-recreational vessels greater than 79 feet, which are not vessels of the armed forces, operating in a capacity as a means of transportation needing NPDES coverage for their incidental discharges will generally be subject to the VGP. Similarly situated vessels less than 79 feet may be covered under the VGP, or may instead opt for coverage under the Small Vessel General Permit (sVGP). The links below are for the 194 page permit and the accompanying 198 page fact sheet which contain all the details.

Vessel General Permit

Fact Sheet

USCG Proposes Rule for TWIC Reader Implementation . . . Mar 22, 2013

On March 22, 2013, the Coast Guard issued a proposed rule which spells out the requirements for the TWIC Reader Implementation at regulated facilities. The proposed rule requires that TWIC Readers be used at high risk facilities and that lower risk facilities may use the TWIC as an ID card only requiring visual inspection and matching of the person requesting entry to the photograph on the card. Higher risk facilities must utilize a TWIC Reader to match the biometrics of the person requesting entry to the biometrics embedded in the card. High risk facilities are defined as facilities used for the shipment and discharge of Certain Dangerous Cargoes (CDC) in bulk and (unfortunately) facilities receiving passenger vessels with capacities in exscess of 1000 passengers. It appears that most Alaskan ports receiving large passenger vessels will be required to utilize the TWIC Readers for access control. Complete details are in the federal register notice linked below.

Federal Register Proposed Rule TWIC READERS

USCG Proposes Documentation Renewal Fees . . . Mar 7, 2013

The Coast Guard is proposing establishing a renewal fee for a certificate of documentation at $26.00 per year to cover their costs to issue annual renewals of endorsements on a Certificate of Documentation. Complete details on the proposal are in the federal register notice linked below.

Certificatde of Documentation Renewal Fees

USCG Guidance for Marpol Annex V Issued . . . Feb 26, 2013

On February 26, 2013, the Coast Guard issued policy guidance on how to comply with changes to Marpol Annex V regarding the handling of shipboard garbage which took effect this January. The interim guidance in this policy letter advises how vessel operators can achieve comp;liance with the new requirements until the regulations in 33 CFR Part 151 can eb revised. The policy letter is linked below.

Marpol Annex V Compliance Guidance

USCG Requests comments on draft MLC NVIC . . .Feb 12, 2013

On February 11, 2013 the Coast Guard published a notice in the Federal Register requesting comments on a draft Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) regarding a program of voluntary compliance with the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) which will take efect in August of 2013. The United States is not signatory to the Maritime Labor Convention so the United States will not be issueing certificates of compliance with the convention to the U.S. Vessels to which the convention could be applicable. However, if U.S. vessels to which the convention would apply are calling in countries signatory the convention they could be susceptible to port state control enforcement by signatory nations. The draft NVIC lays out a program where these vessels can self certify voluntary compliance with the provisions of the convention in order to avoid possible enforcement action in port calls in nations that have adopted the convention. The draft notice gives information on how comments may be made on the draft NVIC. Details are in the documents linked below..

Federal Register Notice