News Archives from 6-27-2013 to 8-19-2013

Double Hull Tanker Escorts for Prince William Sound . . . August 19, 2013

The Coast Guard issued an intrerim rule to take effect September 19, 2013, which requires tug escort for double hulled tankers larger than 5000 GT in Prince William Sound. The rulemaking explains that the rule had to be issued because the rule that has been in place for the last 20 some years only requires the tug escort for single hull tankers. Now virtually all tankers trading in Prince Willliam Sound have double hulls and are larger than 5000 GT. Complete details are in the federal register linked below.

Double Hull Tankers in Prince William Sound Tug Escort Required

Smart Phone Rapid Access for MXAK Tracking & Weather Info . . . August 15, 2013

MXAK Quick Link Button Available for iPhone and iPad Users:

Install a quick link button on your iPhone or iPad to the Marine Exchange of Alaska's (MXAK) Weather Station Network and Vessel Tracking System (

iPhone Instructions

iPad Instructions

Note: Vessel tracking access still requires a user name and password provided upon enrollment.

Bering Strait Weather Buoy on Station . . . August 1, 2013

In July a wave and weather buoy was deployed in the Bering Strait approximately 30 miles west of King Island. The buoy is a collaborative project of the Alaska Ocean Observing System, the University of Alaska, the University of Victoria and the Canadian Coast Guard. To see the information from the buoy follow the link below.

Bering Strait Weather Buoy

Alaska Marine Highway Day Boat Preliminary Design Revealed . . . July 18, 2013

The Alaska Department of Transportation Marine Highway System revealed its preliminary design for the dayboats it plans to construct and operate in northern Lynn Canal. The ships have an overall length of 280 feet and a beam of 67 feet and will carry 300 passengers and 57 vehicles. Complete details and discussion are in the study report linked below.

Complete Day Boat Design Study Report

Wearable PFD's for Uninspected Barges . . . July 17, 2013

On Wednesday July 17, 2013, the Coast Guard issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to require the use of wearable personal flotation devices for individuals onboard uninspected commercial barges and uninspected commercial sailing vessels. Complete details are in the federal register notice linked below.

Federal Register

2013 Southeast Alaska Voluntary Waterway Guide Published . . . June 27, 2013

The Southeast Alaska Voluntary Waterway Guide (VWG) was developed by the Marine Safety Task Force (MSTF) and is intended for use by deep-draft vessels, primarily cruise vessels which are subject to pilotage. The Voluntary Waterway Guide is published by the Southeast Alaska Pilots Association and is distributed by Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska and the United States Coast Guard. The 2013 version of the guide is linked below.

2013 Southeast Alaska Voluntary Waterway Guide