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Cargo Securing Manuals Required ... May 10, 2016

The Coast Guard is issuing an interim rule to require U.S. and foreign self-propelled cargo vessels of 500 gross tons or more, traveling on international voyages and carrying cargo that is other than solid or liquid bulk cargo, to have cargo securing manuals (CSM) on board. The rule also requires those vessels to comply with certain provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea authorizes recognized classification societies or other approval authorities to review and approve CSMs on behalf of the Coast Guard and prescribes when and how the loss or jettisoning of cargo at sea must be reported. Complete details are in the Federal register Notice below.

Federal Register Notice Cargo Securing Manuals

Fishing Vessels Dispensing Petroleum Products ... Mar 14, 2016

On March 14, 2016, the Coast Guard published a Final Rule in the Federal Register updating its requirements for Fishing Vessels Dispensing Petroleum Products. The rule takes effect on 13 April 2016. Basically the explanation for the rulemaking states that the requirements only apply to Fish Processing Vessels of not more than 5,000 gross registered tons which they estimate only will apply to about 14 vessels. Complete details are in the Federal register notice linked below.

Federal Register Fishing Vessels Dispensing Petroleum Products

Cancellation of Out of Water Survival Craft Requirements . . . Feb 18, 2016

On February 17, 2016, the Coast Guard published Marine Safet Information Bulletin 02-16 which cancelled the requirement for inspected vessels to carry Out Of Water Survival Craft. Passenger Vessels in excess of 100 gross registerted tons are still required to carry them, but the requirement hqas been rescinded for most other vessels of less than gross tons. See all the details in the document linked below.

MSIB 02-16

Electronic Charts and Publications Approved . . . Feb 18, 2016

On February 3, 2016, the Coast Guard published a Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC 01-16) which stated that the agency would now accept electronic copies of charts and publications onboard inspected vessels to comply with the requirements to carry charts and publications in the Navigation Safety Regulations in 33 CFR Part 164. This means that the requirement to carry paper charts and publications can now be met electronically. Complete details are in the NVIC linked below.

NVIC 01-16 Electronic Charts and Publications


Polar Code Training Guidelines Issued . . . Feb 12, 2016

The Coast Guard issued Guidelines for Training of Personnel on Ships Subject to the International Code fot Ships Operation in Polar Waters (Polar Code). Complete details are in the policy letter linked below.

Polar Code Training Guidelines