Press Articles about Marine Exchange of Alaska

This Press Page contains news articles that have been written about or mention the Marine Exchange of Alaska and news and magazine articles that have been written by the Executive Director of the Marine Exchange of Alaska Captain Ed Page.

New Building for Marine Exchange, Juneau Empire, August 5, 2016 . . . (view complete article)

BC Shipping News July 2016 Automatic Identification Systems Article Praises Marine Exchange . . . (view complete article)

High Seas, hurricane winds predicted for Aleutians Alaska Dispatch News November 6, 2014 . . . (view complete article)

Arctic Shipping Safety Measures Criticised Alaska Public Radio June 26, 2014 ... (view complete article)

Alaska Mariners Benefit from Technological Advances Juneau Empire Sep 8, 2013 . . . (view complete article)

Valdez Marine Safety Committee Award to Marine Exchange July 2012 . . . (view complete award)

Kodiak Daily Mirror Regulations Will Change for Oil Tankers in Western Alaska February 27, 2012 (view complete article)

Pacific Maritime Magazine Article Alaska's Maritime Safety Net May 2011 (view complete article)

Juneau Empire Article dated April 19, 2010 re Search and Rescue Placque view Complete Article

Letter from Senator Mark Begich dated February 12, 2010 re Public Service Award . . . view letter

Letter from Governor of Alaska dated February 9, 2010 re Public Service Award . . . view letter

Juneau Economic Development Council Article Feb 12, 2010, on Public Service Award . . . View Complete Article

Juneau Empire Article on Meritorious Public Service Award for Marine Exchange February 8, 2010 View Complete Article

Juneau Empire Article on Marine Exchange Funding February 25, 2009 View Complete Article

Dutch Harbor Fisherman Article by Shirley Marquardt re TWIC & Marine Exchange February 12, 2009 View Complete Article

Capital City News Article on TWIC and the Marine Exchange August 20, 2008 ...View Complete Article

Alaska Journal of Commerce Artcile on Marine Exchange May 18, 2008 ...View Complete Article

Los Angeles Times Article on Vessel Tracking March 31, 2007 ...View Complete Article

Gatehouse Port Technology Article March 2007 ...View Complete Article

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Embracing New Vessel Tracking Requirements
Pacific Maritime Magazine Article October 2006 ...View Complete Article

SeattlePI Article Getting a fix on what's traveling the high seas
September 8, 2006 ...View Complete Article

Juneau Empire Article on Vessel Tracking
December 30, 2005 ...View Complete Article

Aleutians shipping risks are being examined, but methodically
Talking Back to the Daily News December 30, 2005 ...View Complete Article

Group Says Lessons of Aleutian Shipwreck are Ignored
Alaska Journal of Commerce Article December 2005 ...View Complete Article

The Emerging World of Vessel Tracking
Port Technology International Article Fall 2005 ...View Complete Article

Selendang Ayu Article Bit By Bit, Ship Sets Sail
Anchorage Daily News August 17, 2005 ...View Complete Article

Coast Guard Authorization Bill Sponsored by Senator Stevens
June 21, 2005 senate press release ...View Complete Article

A Simple Sailor's Guide to Complying with the Maritime Security Regulations
Pacific Maritime Magazine Article April 2004 ...View Complete Article

New Coast Guard Maritime Security Regulations: Vessels
Pacific Maritime Magazine Article November 2003 ...View Complete Article

New Coast Guard Security Regulations: What's on the Horizon
Pacific Maritime Magazine Article August 2003 ...View Complete Article

Coast Guard is Still Sailing Blind
MSNBC Op Ed Piece February 2003 ...View Complete Article

GMDSS As a Maritime Security Tool
Pacific Maritime Magazine Article September 2002 ...View Complete Article

Alaska's Marine Exchange
Pacific Maritime Magazine Article December 2001 ...View Complete Article

Marine Exchange Startup Article
Capital City Weekly June 2001 ...View Complete Article