Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Reference Guide Links

General Information

This guide summarizes Federal Regulations applicable to U.S. uninspected commercial fishing vessels. This class includes vessels which are engaged in activities pursuant to the harvesting or processing of fish for commercial purposes. Also included in this category are fish tender vessels that transport, store, refrigerate, or provide supplies to the commercial fishing industry, and fish processing vessels.

The guide should only be used for commercial fishing vessels, fish tender vessels and fish processing vessels.

You will find the 4100 Boarding Report numbers, when applicable, near the bottom of each page, such as #103 for documentation is found at the bottom of page 4.

All Vessels


Survival Craft

Lifesaving Equipment Readiness, Maintenance & Inspection of


Documented Vessels Operating Beyond the Boundary Line or with more than 16 POB

Fish Processing Vessels

Additional Requirements