Pollution Prevention Regulations

33 CFR Subchapter M Marine Pollution Financial Responsibility and Compensation

Part 133 Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund; State Access

Part 135 Offshore Oil Pollution Compensation Fund

Part 136 Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund; Claims Procedures; Designation of Source; and Advertisement

Part 138 Financial Responsibility for Water Pollution (Vessels)

33 CFR Subchapter O Pollution

Part 151 Vessels Carrying Oil, Noxious Liquid Substances, Garbage, Municipal or Commercial Waste, and Ballast Water

Part 153 Control of Pollution by Oil and Hazardous Substances, Discharge Removal

Part 154 Facilities Transferring Oil or Hazardous Material in Bulk

Part 155 Oil or Hazardous Material Pollution Prevention Regulations for Vessels

Part 156 Oil and Hazardous Material Transfer Operations

Part 157 Rules for the Protection of the Marine Environment Relating to Tank Vessels Carrying Oil in Bulk

Part 158 Reception Facilities for Oil, Noxious Liquid Substances, and Garbage

Part 159 Marine Sanitation Devices