Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Information

In 1988, NOAA Fisheries, Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) embarked on a satellite-based vessel monitoring program to locate high-seas drift-net fishing vessels and monitor compliance with area restrictions in the North Pacific Ocean. VMS allows the OLE to monitor and survey vessels over vast expanses of open-water while maintaining the confidentiality of fishing positions. VMS allows the OLE to use 21st century technologies to monitor compliance, track violators and provide substantial evidence for prosecution while maintaining the integrity of the individual fisherman's effort.

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Click the image above to visit NOAA’s VMS website and learn more about this initiative which requires vessels engaged in certain fisheries to report their positions to law enforcement authorities via satellite.


The Marine Exchange has recently begun offering a new tracking service to fishing vessel owners and/or operators who are currently participating in NOAA’s VMS program.  This new service allows the Marine Exchange to securely access the position reports from VMS-equipped vessels (only with written permission of the vessel owner/operator) and display this data via either of our tracking display options.  These user-friendly interfaces allow fleet dispatchers, co-op representatives, processing plants, or any other group specifically authorized by the vessel owner/operator to view the positions of their fleet at a glance.  This data is also instantly available to Coast Guard search & rescue coordinators in the event of an emergency involving any of these vessels.

Contact the Marine Exchange of Alaska at 907-463-3142 for additional information regarding this service.